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Member Marketing

It’s clear that there is a need for a large variety of services before and after real estate transactions. Connecting local companies, real estate professionals, and consumers throughout the process benefits everyone.

Our approach to Real Estate Community Marketing is unique. 

Member Marketing, Inc. focuses solely on working with local REALTOR® Associations to enhance Affiliate Membership Marketing. We partner with Associations Nationwide and facilitate a print/digital directory to effectively connect Affiliate Members to REALTOR® Members and their clients. 


Our Mission

Connecting Real Estate Professionals, Businesses and Consumers Before and After Real Estate Transactions.


Owning a new home can be daunting. From maintenance to upgrades it can be extremely difficult to find contractors to do the work. Providing Home Owners with a comprehensive network of Affiliated professionals is essential. 


Business owners have many choices when it comes to marketing their businesses. Member Marketing, Inc has created a program that offers a three-pronged approach to achieve ROI. By participating you will join the Association, gaining in-person access to REALTOR® Members. Through membership you’ll also receive a directory listing on the Association website and in the app. Last, your company is circulated in print to your exact target market. Print – Digital – Word of Mouth all at an extremely affordable price. 

Real Estate Professionals

REALTOR® Members are constantly looking to provide excellent service to their clients. Their clients surely need referrals for home service projects and beyond. The Affiliate Resource Guide allows them to be local pros during the referral process. All while promoting the use of their Associations’ Affiliate Members and taking little to no time on their end to curate a list of “preferred vendors”. 

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